Yo, Here’s That Ridiculous-Sounding Million-Dollar App Everyone Wants To Try

Yo is a new messaging app that launched out of beta today. Unlike other messaging apps, you can’t send messages. All you can do is send a push notification bearing a two-letter greeting: “Yo.”

Yes, it is stupid in the same way Flappy Bird was stupid. Yo looks like a prank. Using it feels like a prank. But, as more than one reputable publication has mentioned, Yo is not an elaborate hoax–though it was submitted to the App Store on April 1st. It is merely a goofy idea taken to its illogical extreme.

“Yo is real, but if you think it’s just an app that says Yo, you’re seeing it the wrong way,” its creator, Or Abel, tells Fast Company in an email. “For example, if you send a Yo to WORLDCUP, you will get a Yo From WORLDCUP every time there is a goal. No more lengthy push notifications, just Yo.”

“It really helps cut through the noise,” adds Abel.

So far, Yo has raised $1 million from investors, and currently has over 50,000 users. (You can download Yo at the App Store and on Google Play.)

Using Yo is easy. Once you set up your username and add a friend or two, tapping on their name sends them a Yo, replete with soundbite. Reviews in the App Store verge on religious zeal:

Above we’ve taken the liberty to publish the best Yos we’ve seen so far. Please submit your favorite Yos down below for a chance to be featured. Yo.CG