Hello Flo’s “First Moon Party” Is The Funniest Tampon Commercial You’ll See All Day

Growing up we all want to keep pace with our friends. Kids are constantly measuring how fast they run, how many teeth they’ve lost or Lego pieces they can fit up their nose. Everything is a contest.

This new spot for Hello Flo–like Dollar Shave Club for the menstrual cycle–shows what happens when childhood competition extends into adolescence, as one young woman tries to keep pace with her friends by faking her first period. What she doesn’t count on is just how far her mom is willing to go to expose a lie.

The resulting First Moon Party turns a little white lie into a celebration of humiliation, complete with Pin the Pad on the Period and whatever the hell a “Vagician” is.

It’s a hilarious way to promote the brand’s Period Starter Kit and the perfect follow-up to last year’s “Camp Gyno” and its summer-camp look at the “red badge of courage.”JB