This Japanese Robot Restaurant Looks Bonkers, Amazing

As the world eagerly awaits a fourth Transformers movie and self-driving cars become all the rage, clearly there’s a bad case of robot fever going around. This diagnosis has apparently not escaped Tokyo, Japan, where a crafty restaurateur has recently opened a robot restaurant.

Located in the city of Shinjuku, Robot Restaurant is a sensory-assaulting cyberlounge from the future that somehow got built in the present. Recently completed at a reported $10 million cost, the restaurant pretty much looks like it was decorated by a hi-tech modern version of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable. Unnatural neon flourishes, LED screens, and mirrors coat the building’s ever-flickering surfaces, while customers brace themselves for a seizure. Of course, the ¥5,000 entry fee includes more than just ecstatic decor and a chance to dine on bento box and canned beer. There’s also the main attraction, a bizarre mecha-cabaret show that would make Phillip K. Dick lose control of all motor function.

Every night, there are three separate hour-long shows, wherein bikini-clad women do battle with giant robots, a ridiculous artillery at their disposal. Defenses include a sci-fi damaged tank, cyborgian fisticuffs, and an alien-eating shark monster. Also, there’s a music from a band that’s like Daft Punk playing the Mos Eisley cantina from Star Wars and a robot dinosaur on every table. Finally, artificial life has its very own Las Vegas, and resistance is futile.

Watch another video from the restaurant below, and look at more images in the slides above.

H/t to That’s NerdaliciousJB