OK GO’s New Video Is Just One Optical Illusion After Another, Filmed In a Single Take

You won’t believe your eyes when you see the latest OK Go video, but of course that’s exactly the point.

OK Go seemed to have backed themselves into a corner. Over the past decade, they’ve made a series of music videos where the focus was so far removed from the music as to make the music itself incidental–perhaps not the best position to be in for music people. However, the band has somehow managed to lean into their niche, accepting the challenge to top themselves each time out with ever-more intricate, viral-skewing clips. The latest example is no exception, a visual stunner featuring a collection of optical illusions performed in perfect synchronicity.

Just when the idea of one-take videos seemed in danger of getting a little stale, OK Go ups the ante. Previous efforts from the band have featured a staggeringly complex Rube Goldberg machine and of course the famous treadmill dancing, but the video for new song “Writing’s On the Wall” applies their ambitious choreography toward creating visual mind puzzles. The video takes place in a Brooklyn lot, not unlike the one from “This Too Shall Pass,” and uses paint, mirrors, 3-D street art, and perfect timing to create what amounts to a series of living Magic Eye posters.

According to Rolling Stone, the video took nearly three weeks to rehearse and 50 takes to get right. As a result, most viewers could probably watch it for three weeks straight and not figure out how it was made. We might not be talking about the music when we talk about OK Go, but as long as they continue to push themselves to the limit, we’ll continue talking about them.JB