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Twitter Can Help Brands Increase ROI Of TV Campaigns By 50%: Study

Yes, the study was conducted, in part, by Twitter itself. But still.

[Image: Flickr user Jason Trim]

A new study finds that Twitter can help brands deliver 50% greater return on investment on TV ads compared with TV-only campaigns. And yes, the study was done, in part, by the social network itself. So, grain of salt and all.

Conducted over six months by Twitter and Starcom Mediavest Group, the report released Tuesday says 40% of Twitter conversations during major broadcast events, such as live sports, relate to the programming, including ad content. The vast majority of these TV tweets are reactions to noteworthy moments during programming, and viewers are tweeting consistently during the event (75% of tweets) and advertisements (25%). For brands, this engagement means a 6.9% lift in awareness, 13% increase in ad recall, and 4% boost in sales, compared with TV-only campaigns.

Twitter has been trying to convince advertisers that its service can augment TV viewer engagement. But reliability is key to delivering on those promises. With the World Cup underway, Twitter has been ramping up its infrastructure to support the huge traffic influx, especially since it failed to keep up four years ago. "I’ve been here just shy of five years, and I still have PTSD from the last World Cup at Twitter," Twitter engineer Raffi Krikorian told Fast Company.