This Is How They’re Watching The World Cup In Berlin: A Stadium-Sized Living Room

When you can’t bring the communal World Cup-watching experience to your living room, you bring a living room to the communal experience. That seems to be the plan in Berlin, anyway, where a stadium airing games has been converted to look a lot more . . . homey.

The Stadion An der Alten Forsterei, where FC Union Berlin play, has undergone a metamorphosis and emerged clad in domesticity. It now houses an imposing 700″ TV, which broadcasts games to viewers in a field decked out with 750 couches, each with side tables and lamps. There’s even an approximation of wildly unfashionable wallpaper and framed photos to make the illusion complete.

Bars are well and good for watching World Cup games, but expanding the group vibe way further and applying it to a living room setting makes for a unique viewing experience. The stadium isn’t charging for games in WM Wohnzimmer, created by Compact Team, which can hold up to 12,000 people. No word on whether food is being served or sold, but considering that this is Germany, you’d better believe there’s some insanely wheaty beer on hand.

H/t to Twisted SifterJB