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Alibaba Reveals Fresh Company Details, Leadership Team In Updated IPO Filing

[Image: Flickr user leighklotz]

IPO-bound Alibaba updated its registration statement filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, detailing the Chinese tech company's 27-member partner team.

Of the team, 22 members come from Alibaba's management; four members from its financial services affiliate, Small and Micro Financial Service Company; and one member from its logistics platform, China Smart Logistics. "Our partnership is a dynamic body that rejuvenates itself through admission of new partners each year, which we believe enhances our excellence, innovation and sustainability," the company said in its filing. "Unlike dual-class ownership structures that employ a high-vote class of shares to concentrate control in a few founders, our approach is designed to embody the vision of a large group of management partners."

Here are the partners:

  • Li Cheng, Chief Architect, Small and Micro Financial Services Company
  • Trudy Shan Dai, Chief Customer Officer
  • Luyuan Fan, President, China Business, Small and Micro Financial Services Company
  • Simon Xiaoming Hu, Risk Manager, SME Loan Business; Chief Risk Officer, Small and Micro Financial Services Company
  • Fang Jiang, Vice President, Corporate Integrity and Human Resources
  • Peng Jiang, President, Alibaba Cloud Computing, Yun OS and Digital Entertainment; Deputy Chief Technology Officer
  • Jianhang Jin, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs
  • Eric Xiandong Jing, Chief Financial Officer, Small and Micro Financial Services Company
  • Zhenfei Liu, Vice President, Infrastructure Operations
  • Jonathan Zhaoxi Lu, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jack Yun Ma, Executive Chairman
  • Lucy Lei Peng, Chief People Officer, Alibaba Group; Chief Executive Officer, Small and Micro Financial Services Company
  • Sabrina Yijie Peng, Vice President, International, Small and Micro Financial Services Company
  • Xiaofeng Shao, Chief Risk Officer
  • Timothy A. Steinert, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
  • Judy Wenhong Tong, Chief Operating Officer, China Smart Logistics
  • Joseph C. Tsai, Executive Vice Chairman
  • Jian Wang, Chief Technology Officer
  • Shuai Wang, Senior Vice President, China Corporate Communications and Marketing
  • Sophie Minzhi Wu, President, and
  • Maggie Wei Wu, Chief Financial Officer
  • Eddie Yongming Wu, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
  • Sara Siying Yu, Associate General Counsel, China
  • Ming Zeng, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy
  • Jeff Jianfeng Zhang, President, Taobao Marketplace
  • Daniel Yong Zhang, Chief Operating Officer
  • Yu Zhang, Vice President, Corporate Development

Alibaba chose not to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange because it doesn't allow for a dual-class share structure. The company hasn't revealed if it will list on the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq, but the partnership structure will allow members to nominate a majority of the company's board of directors, allowing the cohort to maintain control of the board. Analysts have pegged the value of the company at close to $200 billion. And last we heard Yahoo still owns about 23% of Alibaba, having invested $1 million in the business in 2005.

The updated filing also includes figures for the fiscal year ended March, 31 2014. Alibaba reported $4.31 billion in profit on $8.4 billion in revenue.