Alibaba Reveals Fresh Company Details, Leadership Team In Updated IPO Filing

The Internet giant’s 27 partners include chairman and founder Jack Ma, vice chairman Joseph Tsai, and CEO Jonathan Lu.

Alibaba Reveals Fresh Company Details, Leadership Team In Updated IPO Filing
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IPO-bound Alibaba updated its registration statement filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, detailing the Chinese tech company’s 27-member partner team.


Of the team, 22 members come from Alibaba’s management; four members from its financial services affiliate, Small and Micro Financial Service Company; and one member from its logistics platform, China Smart Logistics. “Our partnership is a dynamic body that rejuvenates itself through admission of new partners each year, which we believe enhances our excellence, innovation and sustainability,” the company said in its filing. “Unlike dual-class ownership structures that employ a high-vote class of shares to concentrate control in a few founders, our approach is designed to embody the vision of a large group of management partners.”

Here are the partners:

  • Li Cheng, Chief Architect, Small and Micro Financial Services Company
  • Trudy Shan Dai, Chief Customer Officer
  • Luyuan Fan, President, China Business, Small and Micro Financial Services Company
  • Simon Xiaoming Hu, Risk Manager, SME Loan Business; Chief Risk Officer, Small and Micro Financial Services Company
  • Fang Jiang, Vice President, Corporate Integrity and Human Resources
  • Peng Jiang, President, Alibaba Cloud Computing, Yun OS and Digital Entertainment; Deputy Chief Technology Officer
  • Jianhang Jin, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs
  • Eric Xiandong Jing, Chief Financial Officer, Small and Micro Financial Services Company
  • Zhenfei Liu, Vice President, Infrastructure Operations
  • Jonathan Zhaoxi Lu, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jack Yun Ma, Executive Chairman
  • Lucy Lei Peng, Chief People Officer, Alibaba Group; Chief Executive Officer, Small and Micro Financial Services Company
  • Sabrina Yijie Peng, Vice President, International, Small and Micro Financial Services Company
  • Xiaofeng Shao, Chief Risk Officer
  • Timothy A. Steinert, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
  • Judy Wenhong Tong, Chief Operating Officer, China Smart Logistics
  • Joseph C. Tsai, Executive Vice Chairman
  • Jian Wang, Chief Technology Officer
  • Shuai Wang, Senior Vice President, China Corporate Communications and Marketing
  • Sophie Minzhi Wu, President, and
  • Maggie Wei Wu, Chief Financial Officer
  • Eddie Yongming Wu, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
  • Sara Siying Yu, Associate General Counsel, China
  • Ming Zeng, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy
  • Jeff Jianfeng Zhang, President, Taobao Marketplace
  • Daniel Yong Zhang, Chief Operating Officer
  • Yu Zhang, Vice President, Corporate Development

Alibaba chose not to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange because it doesn’t allow for a dual-class share structure. The company hasn’t revealed if it will list on the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq, but the partnership structure will allow members to nominate a majority of the company’s board of directors, allowing the cohort to maintain control of the board. Analysts have pegged the value of the company at close to $200 billion. And last we heard Yahoo still owns about 23% of Alibaba, having invested $1 million in the business in 2005.


The updated filing also includes figures for the fiscal year ended March, 31 2014. Alibaba reported $4.31 billion in profit on $8.4 billion in revenue.


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