This Is A Meticulously Crafted Grand Budapest Hotel–Made Out Of Lego

The “grand” part of the Grand Budapest Hotel in Wes Anderson’s most recent film is no joke–and there’s no better way to make that clear than by reconstructing the massive structure entirely out of Lego bricks.

That’s precisely what 34-year-old Ryan Ziegelbauer of San Diego, along with a team of 10 designers, did to celebrate the DVD/Blu-Ray release of The Grand Budapest Hotel. The 50,000 block model stands over seven feet tall, and took Ziegelbauer and his fellow twee, nerdy designers over 575 hours to complete.

The creation process was documented in a YouTube video that shows the group working on the model in time-lapse fashion (with a jaunty, charmingly retro score, naturally) and the attention to detail is impressive–not only do they doggedly pursue capturing the exterior of the building as it appeared in the film, the interior is constructed with elaborate Lego support beams that ensure the structural integrity of the hotel, lest a yellow-faced guest be crushed by a collapsing roof. Even the building’s signage is made of Lego.

The video was released by Fox Searchlight’s official YouTube channel, and the film’s Tony Revolori appears near the end to place the final bricks–going from Lobby Boy to Construction Engineer. Wes Anderson and 30-somethings who play with Lego are essentially a match made in heaven, so perhaps the biggest surprise here is that we haven’t already seen full re-creations of the Rushmore Academy or the Belafonte. Your move, twee folk.DS