See the Largest, Longest 3-D Street Painting Of All Time

Some of the best street art actually occurs on the streets themselves, and a new example from China is taking this phenomenon to extremes.

A team led by renowned Chinese artist Yang Yongchun recently helped assemble the world’s largest and longest 3-D street painting. Surely you’re aware of the typical 3-D street paintings that make it appear as though whoever is walking upon them is defying gravity in any number of interesting ways. Picture that but blown up to nearly a quarter mile, and covering over 26,910 square feet, and you’re there. The Guinness World Record-breaking “Rhythms of Youth” took 20 days to complete on the campus of the Communication University of China, and it depicts a netherworld of tall buildings and narrow mountains just beneath the surface.

The anamorphic art is meant to be viewed from a specific perspective, but from just about any perspective, it’s friggin’ huge.

H/t to Oddity CentralJB