These Deceptively Simple Paper-Art Posters Capture Your Favorite Movies Perfectly

When people rethink classic movie posters, they usually go big–adding in bold new visuals or converting them to GIF form. A new paper art project, however, takes the opposite approach, by stripping the subject of such posters down to their rawest essence.

At least when the Twitter account One Perfect Shot pares a movie down to a single frame, it can actually use footage from the movie itself. Spanish design studio Atipo has set a greater challenge for itself with Papeles de Cine–creating austere movie posters with ingenuous paper art. The project is part of an effort to help launch the new Paper Gallery website of graphic service provider Minke. Each poster uses the various properties of different types of paper to evoke the soul of the movie at hand.

Jaws, for instance, has a bite taken out of the bottom corner of an ocean-blue sheet of paper, while the poster for Alien has a gaping hole, through which we’re meant to infer, one of those nasty chestburster aliens has emerged. The crew at Atipo makes each poster by hand and uses a surprising array of tricks to distinguish each film. Of course, some of the designs are harder to guess than others, since those Edward Scissorhands scratch marks could easily double as the work of Freddy Krueger.

Watch a video about the poster project below.

H/t to My Modern MetJB