You’ve Really Got To See Beyoncélogues–Beyoncé Lyrics Turned Into Dramatic Monologues

A warning to casting directors from coast to coast: Don’t be surprised if you soon see an onslaught of actresses–and actors, too–forgoing more traditional monologue material for Beyoncélogues now that Nina Millin has made them a thing.

The actress has taken the lyrics from three Beyoncé songs–“Mine,” “Irreplaceable,” and “If I Were A Boy”–and performed them as dramatic monologues in a web video series on YouTube dubbed Beyoncélogues and directed by Sara Schaefer (MTV’s Nikki & Sara Live) under the aegis of Little BoBo Productions.

And they’re no joke.

Nina Millin

Well, actually, they are funny, but the Beyoncélogues are surprisingly compelling, too. Shot in black-and-white, the videos find Millin in a spare setting where the focus is on her performance, and she plays the scenes for real.

Damn. You believe her when during the “Irreplaceable” monologue she tells her lover, “I could have another you in a minute! Matter of fact, he’ll be here in a minute!”

And she goes there in “Mine,” getting all choked up and declaring, “But having conversations about breakups and separations–I’m not feeling like myself since the baby. Are we even gonna make it?”

As Millin told Esquire, the ‘logues were spawned from a failed attempt to sing Beyoncé during karaoke. The Twitter profile for the up-and-coming actress, whose credits include the Fox series Gang Related and the mockumentary short Birthday Cake, lists career goals that include being in a Broadway show, working with Shonda Rhimes, and meeting Beyoncé, which we suspect could very well happen given Millin’s talent for interpreting Queen Bey’s songs with humor and intensity.CC