The Recommender: Master Tweeter Pavithra Mohan Is Still Dreaming Of Paris

The best things on the Internet this week, curated by Fast Company employees.

The Recommender: Master Tweeter Pavithra Mohan Is Still Dreaming Of Paris
[Image: Flickr user Nicki Varkevisser]
Pavithra MohanPhoto by Celine Grouard for Fast Company

Name: Pavithra Mohan
Role at Fast Company: Social media intern
Twitter: @pavsmo
Titillating Fact: Once upon a time, I lived in Paris for a blissful 15 month period, and it will forever be my claim to fame. I was a wide-eyed nine-year-old who practiced the violin under the Eiffel Tower, spied on my classmates Rumer and Scout Willis (yes, those Willis kids, and they already had cell phones, mind you), and played hopscotch with smeared dog feces on Rue Saint-Dominique. You could argue I’m still living in the past. I wouldn’t disagree.


Things she’s loving:

1. The Times crossword puzzle gets cool
I’m a huge fan of the New York Times crossword app for the iPhone, though you shouldn’t ask me how many of those crosswords I actually finish–or how often I consult Rex Parker for a hint (or three). This week, Fast Company spoke to 23-year-old Anna Shechtman, who has the dream job of being assistant to crossword editor Will Shortz. You may have been tickled by the answers “epicness” and “twitter hashtag” in the May 29th crossword puzzle; you can thank Shechtman, a four-time puzzle contributor, for those gems. Read on to find out why you won’t be seeing “enema” or “amazeballs” in the crossword anytime soon.

2. The dangers for women who negotiate
There’s been a lot of talk recently about women in the workplace, particularly in response to the unceremonious firing of Jill Abramson. New Yorker writer Maria Konnikova has written about the dangers of leaning in–very real concerns that Sheryl Sandberg’s motto perhaps glosses over–and how women who negotiate a higher salary tread more carefully than men because they’re aware of how employers may react.

“In four studies, Bowles and collaborators from Carnegie Mellon found that people penalized women who initiated negotiations for higher compensation more than they did men,” Konnikova writes. “In a follow-up study, Bowles asked participants whether they themselves would negotiate in the given scenario–that is, they were now the job candidate and not the evaluating manager. The women, for the most part, said no. They were nervous that the conversation would turn against them.”

3. Little Pork Chop will take a butcher knife to your tweets
Because who doesn’t love a good tweetstorm? Dave Winer‘s Little Pork Chop will take your gripes and tirades and send them out in a nicely ordered series of 140-character tweets. So now you can rant and rave to your heart’s content. Or tweet out your latest story in its entirety–though I guess that’s been done.