• 06.13.14

Infographic: This Complicated Rock Chart Shows How Your Favorite Bands Are Connected

Pop Chart Labs has a thorough analysis of the surprising connections between the members of over 500 bands. (Eric Clapton is in most of them.)

It’s easy to imagine that some days Damon Albarn and Jack White wake up in the morning unsure of what band their in that day and what’s even happening anymore. Perhaps that’s because the former lead singers of Blur and The White Stripes are off-and-on engaged in at least four or five other bands between the two of them. (They also both have new solo records just out.) This kind of creative multitasking is not exclusive to these two dynamos of the rock worlds by any means. It would make your head spin to sort out all the different bands that certain musicians have been in over the years. Luckily, someone has already done it for you.


The team at Pop Chart Lab has just released an enormous colorful chart that disentangles all the complicated overlapping between 700 artists. The Charted Connections of Rock reveals every band that Eric Clapton has ever been in, who his bandmates were in each, and where they went on from there. (Believe it or not, this information seems to account for 30% of the chart, despite over 500 bands being involved.) The chart uses a color-coded system to show which instrument each musician played in each band, thereby settling any arguments that may arise about, say, Jack White’s role in The Dead Weather. There’s no telling whether even he would remember.

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Watch a video about the making of the poster below.

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