Verizon Points Out The Little Things That Have A Big Impact On Girls In Math And Science

We’ve seen the difference a few words can make when it comes to gender in the workplace, and we’ve also seen efforts to encourage girls to pursue science and engineering. Here, Verizon and agency AKQA combine the two sentiments in a new spot that gently illustrates the impact a lifetime of small moments can have.

One girl is shown, from toddlerhood to teens, taking part in a bunch of fun and creative activities while an off-camera parent issues seemingly innocent warnings and reminders–‘”Don’t get your dress dirty!” “Careful with that! Why don’t you hand it to your brother.” Ending with her taking what looks like a much less adventurous path.

It’s part of a company campaign, through its Verizon Foundation and a partnership with, to encourage more girls to get involved with high-tech STEM fields. It cites research that says just 25% of STEM jobs in the U.S. are held by women.

If anything, the spot’s a nice reminder to parents that when it comes to having influence over our kids’ career choices, there are many other things we say that can have a greater impact than, “Do your homework.”