What Twitter Users Love About The New iOS Update

The start-up screen: A Batman-style animation, in which the Twitter bird enlarges to encompass the screen before transitioning to the main feed.

What Twitter Users Love About The New iOS Update
[Image: Flickr user Steve Garfield]

Twitter’s latest app update features a start-up screen animation that has the Twitterverse all abuzz.

When users open up Twitter’s new iOS app, they’ll see a Batman-style effect, in which the company’s iconic bird logo–white set against a blue background–enlarges to encompass the screen while transitioning to the main feed. It’s there for only a second, but that hasn’t stopped users from noticing–and raving about–the new start-up screen.

CEO Dick Costolo was so impressed, he even chimed in to Twitter to congratulate the designers behind the animation.

Are you impressed?

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