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Detroit Ousts Weed-Eating Goats

A plan to clean up a dilapidated neighborhood with grazing goats has been stopped in its tracks.

Detroit Ousts Weed-Eating Goats

[Image: Flickr user bagsgroove]

The goats are getting the boot.

Hedge fund manager Mark Spitznagel had an unconventional plan to clean up Brightmoor, a dilapidated neighborhood in Detroit. The Idyll Farms Detroit project would bring in goats to graze on weeds and other vegetation on public lots, helping convert the land into urban farms. When the goats were done with their their summer employment, they would be sold, with the money going back to the community.

But the City of Detroit delivered an eviction notice to Spitznagel's 18 goats two days into their weed-munching operation. Pulled from the line of duty, the goats currently reside in a pasture north of Detroit. Spitznagel has complied, but is working to bring his herd back into the city and is preparing a formal proposal for the mayor.

"We’re not looking to fight with the city. We want to collaborate with the city," he said.