Coke Goes Old-School Optical Illusion To Promote Its PlantBottle

Coke PlantBottle

Sure, you can make fancy TV commercials and even figure out innovative ways to keep a soda cold without electricity, but it’s nice to know you can still get people excited with a good ol’ fashioned print ad.

To promote its new PlantBottle–a recyclable plastic bottle made partially from plant materials–Coke and agency Ogilvy & Mather New York made a series of sleek print ads, the best of which shows a flying bunch of leaves that appear to be moving. But it’s not some new digital trick that somehow taps into our mobile location and transmits the requisite image directly into our brains. Nope, it’s an old school optical illusion. Which is both comforting and, if you stare too long, a bit nauseating.

The other ads use the power of negative space to create eye-catching, plant-centric images. See them in the gallery above.