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Powers, The First TV Show Made Exclusively For PlayStation, Is About Superhero Detectives

The new series is based on a comic book and graphic novel imprint of the same name.

[Image: Wikipedia]

At E3 yesterday, Sony announced a new TV show produced exclusively for the PlayStation Network. The new animated show, Powers, is "based on the comic book and graphic novel series of the same name," said its creator, Brian Michael Bendis, and centers around the adventures of a detective duo that investigates cases of, well, people with superpowers.

It's a strategy that appears to borrow from HBO's rather successful gambit on Game of Thrones: Take a franchise with a built-in fanbase, repackage it for a new platform without shedding all its nerdy trappings, and voila! For a company like Sony, it allows them to move into the original content biz, and is decidedly less risky than launching something entirely new from scratch.

Powers, which is currently casting and is slated for a December launch, will have its first episode available for free for PS3 and PS4 users, while PS Plus subscribers will get to watch the entire series for free.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a similar content initiative called Xbox Originals. One of its flagship franchises at launch? A Halo TV series and a Halo movie.

[h/t: The Next Web]