• 06.10.14

The Beautiful Branded Game: See The 12 Best 2014 World Cup Ads

Marketers are on the pitch and ready to go. Here are our picks for early winners.

The first whistle hasn’t yet sounded but brands have already been playing their World Cup games for months. And it’s no wonder. Marketers fork over more than $1.35 billion to FIFA for first dibs on the eyeballs of the 300 million soccer fans around the world who, starting June 12, will be watching the tournament over the next month.

Adidias Branded the official game balls, shown here is the Brazuca Final Ball

You’ve got giants like Nike and Adidas fighting over billions in soccer sales, while Samsung goes intergalactic to promote its growing line of wearable technology and Hyundai illustrates the skills required to DVR a game. A couple of surprises so far, Beats by Dre hits all the right notes in a spot that rivals the Swoosh’s penchant for the anthemic, and Banco de Chile’s stirring pep talk for its national team delivered by none other than the 33 Chilean miners who survived for 69 days in a collapsed mine.

Here are our favorites so far. Let us know your winners in the comments.

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