Coming Soon To Wall Street: Oculus Rift Headsets Hooked To Bloomberg Terminals

Is this the future of trading?

Coming Soon To Wall Street: Oculus Rift Headsets Hooked To Bloomberg Terminals
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Immersing yourself in an Oculus Rift can transport you to majestic fantasy worlds you otherwise might never get to experience, but virtual reality could soon be used to help facilitate more quotidian tasks, too–like staring out at a cascade of financial data flying at you from all angles.


Bloomberg’s vaunted terminals can cost as much as $24,000 per user, and now, the company has found a way to conjoin all that real-time information with Facebook’s new $2 billion financial headset. The VR technology is set to be unveiled at the Bloomberg Next Big Thing Summit, which kicks off today. Quartz reports:

Putting on the bulky headset transports you to a world of infinite space and, thus, as many screens flashing financial data as you desire. Screen real estate is not an issue here. Twitchy traders who set themselves up with a dozen or more monitors at their desks in the physical world would envy what’s possible in virtual reality.

Just like the Kickstarter community envisioned it!

Now, the Bloomberg Rift (or whatever it ends up being called) is still in the concept phase–meaning the data enclosed is based on mockups, and aren’t connected to the real network. For traders and analysts, though, it could usher in a new era of Wall Street bros wheeling and dealing in the trenches of cyberspace. Just remember to breathe with your mouth closed, people.

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