Dogfish Head And Woolrich Team Up For A Pennsylvania Tuxedo

For anyone who ever wished they could combine their favorite craft beer with their most beloved American Made fashion, hold on to your deck shoes–East Coast legends Dogfish Head Craft Brewery of Delaware and Pennsylvania-based Woolrich have teamed up on a beer and fashion collaboration.

First, there’s a custom small-batch Woolrich + Dogfish Head beer, dubbed Pennsylvania Tuxedo, named after the head-to-toe red and black wool outfits common among woodsmen, launching at Dogfish Head’s music festival in June, then only available at the brewer’s own pub in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

For those not able to score a pint, the two brands are also debuting a nautical-inspired clothing collection that includes a men’s chambray shirt, a women’s beach dress, a wool throw blanket, a beach hat and, appropriately, a wool beer koozie.

Dogfish Head president and founder Sam Calagione said the motivation for the partnership came out of the mutual respect of two mid-Atlantic states family-owned companies obsessed with nature and making stuff with natural ingredients. And it could be just a start. “If this collaboration is as successful as we believe it will be, next year we intend to do a widely-distributed bottled version of the beer and a new capsule collection of Dogfish x Woolrich clothing,” says Calagione.

The brands clearly espouse the same homegrown quality vibe, but let’s just hope it doesn’t give Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita and Abercrombie any ideas.JB