See Every NHL Team Logo–Simpsonized

The Simpsons has a famously deep bench when it comes to side characters. As the Stanley Cup Final series kicks into high gear this week, the enormous roster of Springfield’s finest has now found themselves immortalized in logos for every NHL team.

Some of Co.Create’s favorite pastimes are things morphing into Simpsons characters and re-imagined sports logos, so this latest development feels like something predestined. Created by designer Mark Avery Kenny, the series of images replaces the gist of these logos with both prominent characters and deep cuts. A devilish Ned Flanders, who appeared in a much-beloved Simpsons Halloween episode, is the face of the New Jersey Devils, while the Sea Captain is at the helm of the Islanders. Of course, Kenny correctly decided that using the image of Bart or Lisa playing hockey from the episode “Lisa on the Ice” would be too obvious.

Have a look through the other logos in the slides above.

H/t to GeekologieJB