The Recommender: Peter Wade, C-Span Junkie

The Recommender: Peter Wade, C-Span Junkie
[Image: Flickr user Nicolas Raymond]
Peter Wade

Name: Peter Wade
Role at Fast Company: Writer and community coordinator
Twitter: @BrooklynMutt
Titillating Fact: I’m a longtime C-Span fan. And while most people say the station puts them to sleep, it’s literally my lullaby. Most nights, using the C-Span Radio app, I fall asleep to the dulcet tones of an author interview or Senate subcommittee hearing.

Things he’s loving:

1. Watch This Instead
Software developer Shannon Turner’s sleekly redesigned website, Watch This Instead, will tell you whether a movie passes the Bechdel Test. To pass the test, a movie must have two (named) female characters who speak to each other about something other than a man. It is often used to demonstrate the lack of meaningful film roles for women. (You’d be surprised at some of the movies that fail.) If your chosen movie does not meet the Bechdel criteria, Watch This Instead will recommend similar titles that do.

2. For just $20,000, you can die in Game of Thrones
I recently started binge-watching Game of Thrones for the first time, so this story piqued my interest this week. In exchange for a $20,000 donation to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, author George R.R. Martin will name a character after you in an upcoming A Song of Fire and Ice novel. Best of all, he’ll make sure your character meets a particularly grisly end. Now, that’s a prize worth all the gold in Westeros.

3. A different kind of keyboard cat
KittyKeys is a browser extension that sporadically makes cat sounds as you type. For some, this add-on could be rather obnoxious, so while I’d never recommend you surreptitiously install it on your coworkers’ computers, I’m not saying it’s a bad idea…