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Take A Wild Ride Through The World Of Sports With SportsNation's Rube Goldberg Machine

ESPN's SportsNation celebrates its two millionth Facebook fan with an elaborate, sports-themed chain-reaction device.

Once upon a time, brick-and-mortar companies used to celebrate their millionth customer with a barrage of balloons as they walked through the door, or so TV commercials would have us believe. But in this social-media era, the bar has been raised for celebrating milestones. Earlier this week, domino artist Hevesh5 feted his 200,000 YouTube subscribers with a mesmerizing 22,000-domino setup, and now ESPN's SportsNation has posted video of an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine honoring its 2,000,000 Facebook fans.

The sports-themed contraption, which features everything from chain-reaction-based field goals to dunks, was designed by the wizards of fun at Syyn Labs, also known for constructing the device used in OK Go's viral smash video for "This Too Shall Pass" in 2010 (43 million views and counting). The video was directed by Syyn Labs cofounder Adam Sadowsky, and produced by Motion Theory for ESPN. It's a goofy yet technically impressive ride through the world of sports, and a pretty solid reward for the simple task of clicking "Like."