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How RebelMouse's Social Publishing Platform Can Make Your Traffic Sing Like The Dodo

The same content management system that helped The Dodo reach 1 million views in its first month is now available to all.

[Traffic Light: Czb via Shutterstock]

When the animal news site The Dodo launched in January, it was able to bring in 1 million views in its first month without a single developer. That number has now grown to 7.5 million, thanks to RebelMouse's publishing platform, an inherently social content management system that aggregates user-generated content across the social web and allows writers to easily publish content.

RebelMouse announced Thursday that it was opening up the same platform The Dodo has been using—allowing publishers big and small to focus on content, not the backend. One of the ways the CMS does this is by simplifying its editing interface. For example, to add a splashy header at the top of a post, writers can upload a file or insert a link to a photo or video that is hosted online, and the post preview automatically updates to reflect the changes.

RebelMouse founder Paul Berry, who used to serve as chief technical officer at the Huffington Post, told Fast Company that the platform has signed on some large publishers that are planning to launch RebelMouse-powered websites in the coming weeks. Berry said he isn't yet able to name them publicly.

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