5 Free Apps To Overcome Your Forgetfulness

Whether you need to remember when your bills are due or to drink more water, this edition of Free App Friday is for you.


Carbodroid (Android)

We’re made of the stuff–and need about two to three liters of it per day–to stay sharp and healthy. If you need a nudge to grab a glass of water, Carbodroid is a fun app to keep you hydrated. There are similar water-reminder apps for iOS, but the happy android wins style points.

WorkTime (iOS)

If your job involves keeping track of a variety of days and hours, or you’d like to keep up with a group’s shifts, this app lets you see them all at a glance. Calculate hourly wage, or manage to-do items for the day. Collaborate with other users to remember who is doing what, when.

Bills Reminder (Android)

If you must be reminded of something as annoying as bills, at least use a colorful app to do it. Customize settings for reminders a few days before they’re due, and set follow-up notifications for every day they’re overdue. Organize by upcoming, overdue, paid, and unpaid based on date, and never pay another late fee.

Healthy Habits (iOS)

Whether you’re trying to lose 10 pounds before vacation or quit smoking, Healthy Habits is the app for data nerds who want to change key habits to reach a goal. “Success Graphs” show progress, and reminders to stay on track help win half the battle.

Mango Health (iOS)

It’s easy to forget to take important medication when you barely have time to remember lunch. Plug in your medications and schedules, and Mango will remind you when it’s time to take them–as well as offer information on drug interactions, and award points for logging consistently.