WestJet Gives One Dad A Father’s Day Gift That Will Make You Call Home (Or Cry)

WestJet is a consistently top-rated brand in Canada thanks to its competitive prices and enviable customer service. But if you thought giving away free stuff at Christmas was nice, this Father’s Day surprise might just give you goosebumps.

Marc Grimard’s family was split up after his youngest son Joel’s heart condition forced his wife Angela to temporarily move with Joel from Saskatoon to Edmonton–300 miles away–for treatments, leaving Marc and the couple’s oldest son back home.

WestJet customer service rep Medel Villena trained for Marc’s job as a Saskatoon city transit worker so he could fill in for five days so Marc could go visit his Angela and Joel.

The look on Marc’s face when he finds out is pretty priceless and this emotional stunt will only further cement WestJet’s stature as a consumer favorite.JB