These Short Versions of Blockbuster FIlms Were Shot In a Single Take, Using Rapidly Changing Sets

Recently, we took a look at Steven Spielberg’s fondness for using long, unbroken takes in his films. What sets Spielberg’s use of the convention apart from other directors is how subtle and seamless it is, while still depositing viewers intensely into the moment. In a new series called One-Take Movies, however, viewers don’t just experience a moment–they’re hurtled at lightning-speed through the beats of an entire film in a single, continuous shot, and it’s about as subtle as a shark bite.

Online comedy network Above Average’s One-Take Movies boil down different genres of summer tentpole event movies into three-minute semi-sagas filmed continuously. Creators Avery Monsen and Jon Bershad are able to achieve this dizzying feat by filming their actors moving through rapidly changing sets, often in ingenuous ways. A quick pan over to a sky-blue background and a sideways tilt of the camera saves the filmmakers millions on special effects to show the lead character flying through the air in the first entry, The Hero Movie. Some say it’s more fun to watch than the underwhelming new Spider-Man.

Above Average released The Hero Movie earlier this week. Watch the second and third episodes–The Disaster Movie and The Heist Movie–below.