These Hangable Chairs Are Perfect For A Tiny Apartment

Is space at a premium? Do you still like sitting down? This is the solution you’ve been praying for.

Chairs are great for several reasons. Firstly: they’re really comfortable objects to sit on. Hardly anything is better to sit on than a chair, in my opinion. Secondly: they’re easy to find. Almost every furniture store sells chairs. If you walk into an Ikea or a Crate & Barrel and ask for a chair, and they say “we don’t have any chairs,” I will refund you the money you paid to read this blogpost. Chairs are the best. But! They are also kind of big and take up a lot of room when you’re not sitting in them. Thankfully, designer Philippe Malouin has a solution.


Malouin, a Canadian designer whose work with lighting we’ve previously covered, recently brought to fruition his Hanger Chair project. The Hanger Chair is Malouin’s contribution to the Umbra Shift line, in which Umbra, an online furniture and housewares company, partners with designers to come up with cool and unusual stuff.

The Hanger Chair is a wooden chair based not on a larger armchair design but on the humble clothes hanger. Equipped with a hook on its top (just above the back-rest, when it’s unfolded to look like a chair), the Hanger Chair folds up to be as thin as a clothes hanger, albeit a couple feet tall. Still, you can use it just like a clothes hanger: drape your jackets or shirts over it and store it on a clothes rod in your closet.

Then, when you have guests and need more seating space, you can grab them from your closet, unfold them into a minimal but functional chair, and, you know, sit in it. Perfect for tiny places like this 129-square-foot apartment.

The chair is going into production and will be available soon, though Umbra hasn’t yet released an official launch date or price.

[via FrameWeb]


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