These Trick Shots By The World’s Greatest Bowler Are Cooler Than You’re Prepared To Admit

Those who love bowling often have a pin-shaped cross to bear. Whenever they bring up the option among friends, most of the group is lukewarm at first. Heartbreak follows. But then if the bowling fan actually does get his or her friends to relent, it always ends up being a good time. Similarly, the idea of a video of bowling trick shots sounds like at might be utterly skippable, but then it turns out that it’s not.

A lifestyle brand named (sigh) Dude Perfect has just released “Bowling Trick Shots,” and it’s more fun to watch than you’d think. The admittedly super-fratty Dude Perfect guys link up with Australian bowler Jason Belmonte, ranked number one in the entire world, for a series of trick shots that seem like they’d involve camera fakery, but do not. It’s enough to make Jeffrey Lebowski hang up his ball and leave the alley forever.

After starting off by tossing a ball through five sets of outstretched legs, Belmonte proceeds to pull out tricks you wouldn’t have thought possible. There are balls flung from one empty pool to hit pins at the surface, a strike across the entire length of a bowling alley, and something called the Flying Eagle, which is not only a 7-10 split, but one where the pin on the right side actually flies out into the next lane, and hits another pin on the right side. Oh, and there’s also a version of skeet shooting involving plates and pins, for some reason. Anyway, after watching these tricks, perhaps it will be less like pulling teeth the next time you’re trying to sell your friends on going bowling.

H/t to 22 WordsJB