With New AR-Enhanced Packaging, McDonald’s Urges Diners To Play With Their Fries For World Cup Glory

There you are sitting in McDonald’s alone. Just you, your burger, and fries. You’ve already Instagrammed the weird family sitting next to you, liked a pic of your cousin’s wedding on Facebook, and checked your Twitter notifications. What next? Certainly not sitting in silence with your own thoughts.

Luckily, the fast food giant and agencies The Marketing Store and DDB Chicago have anticipated this moment and created a way to use your lonely fry box to play a World Cup-themed mobile game. The GOL app uses augmented reality for a fry box-powered soccer trick shot game in which you shoot, bounce, flick, and kick your way to glory.

Scan your limited-edition FIFA World Cup decorated fry container and the Qualcomm Vuforia AR technology allows players to bounce a digital soccer ball off real-world items–making each game unique to diners’ locations. McDonald’s says this is the first time this technology has ever been commercially used and, seeing as its using 1.5 billion fry boxes in almost 120 countries, is the largest AR experience ever created.

Until such time as you get your hands on a special fry sleeve, watch some amazing real-life trick shots in the spot above.JB