• 06.02.14

See The Flags Of Every Country Turned Into The “World’s First Multi-National Typeface”

This alphabet starts with the stars and stripes and ends with Zimbabwe’s green, black, and gold.

Thanks to a certain soccer tournament, the world is in the mood for creative forms of patriotism, whether it comes as debate over a new team uniform or a bank commercial.


Agency Grey Singapore is tapping the mood with a stylish mash-up of flags and typography that transforms the flags of every country on the globe into the first letter of that nation’s name. Each flag is broken down to its basic elements, shapes, and colors and reconfigured to reflect that country’s letter. But because many countries start with the same letter, this alphabet has 106 letters. The “Multi-National Typeface” is meant to reflect the agency’s multi-cultural design team that hails from 12 countries, with work experience across 49 nations and has business in 106 markets.

It also gives design nerds a chance to cheer and show some patriotism without having to watch a single soccer game.

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Jeff Beer is a staff editor at Fast Company, covering advertising, marketing, and brand creativity. He lives in Toronto.