See The Best-Known Banksy Pieces Recreated With Lego In The “Bricksy” Series

Believe it or not, Exit Through the Gift Shop and The Lego Movie do not have very much in common. Both feature post-modern messages about consumerism, but that’s about the end of the resemblance. However, the subjects of these films, Lego and world-famous street artist Banksy, have collided in a new product that takes everything you love about the latter’s work, and literally builds on it.

Every day, someone depicts something cool from pop culture with Lego, and sometimes it can even inspire an unexpectedly moving change in perspective. Photographer Jeff Friesen’s latest work is the “unauthorized, underground Lego street art” series he calls Bricksy. Friesen is known for devising complex Lego dioramas on his site The Brick Fantastic, and in the upcoming book, The United States of Lego. In this new series, the photographer poses the best-known Banksy pieces, such as Balloon Girl, in playful ways that somehow barely dilute the sting of the originals.

Maid in London is every bit as surreal with a veil of Lego’d truth being swept under rug as it is in the original, and Kissing Coppers still packs a subversive punch with winking Lego bobbies. As unlikely as Friesen’s project is, considering the different aims of the two entities involved, it’s ultimately a fitting pairing because, just like Lego, Banksy is simultaneously an arbiter of imagination and a commoditized brand.

Have a look through more of these pieces in the slides above.

H/t to DesignboomJB