See Sydney Bathed In Candy-Colored Lights Via 3-D Projection Mapping

The 7th annual Vivid Sydney Lights, Music, and Ideas festival kicked off on May 23 and left shimmering bold colors imprinted on viewers’ eyeballs.

Developed back in 2008 by Destination NSW, the lead government agency for New South Wales tourism, the festival has continued to swell in popularity, reaching 800,000 visitors last year. This time, the festival, which runs through June 9, involves nightly lighting installations, 3-D mapped building projections on the world-famous Sydney Opera House, something called “water theater,” and performances by bands like The Pixies and St. Vincent.

The organizers tapped 59 Productions (the company that helped produce the London Olympics opening ceremony) to transform the Sydney Opera House with light, taking “the iconic building on a dramatic journey through time–from the birth of architecture and civilization through to the pinnacle of human and technological achievement.”

Additionally, there will be trails assembled by famous Australians such as Great Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann for visitors to follow, and a chance to “paint” the Harbor Bridge in what’s being touted as the world’s largest interactive light display.

Have a look at a video from the event below.