Infographic: How 50 Cent’s Awful First Pitch Stacks Up Against Other Celebrity Pitches

The ceremonial first pitch in a baseball game is pure pageantry. And just like most actual pageants, the most fun part to watch is when someone screws up royally. 50 Cent’s effort at a recent Mets-Pirates game has been widely touted as one of the worst ever, and a new infographic puts this claim in historical perspective.

Created by The Washington Post, the chart shows how other celebrities, government officials, and be-costumed fictional characters have fared in their attempts to make chin music over the years. Of course, the methodology involved was not exactly rocket science. “We watched a whole bunch of YouTube pitch videos and plotted them, to the best of our ability, across a strike zone diagram, using the tried-and-true ‘eyeballin’ it’ method,” The Post’s Christopher Ingraham explains on Wonkblog. The results show how Justin Bieber stacks up against George W. Bush (not favorably!) and provides ample evidence that 50 Cent’s gutter ball really might have been the worst celebrity pitch in the recorded era. Knowing the rapper/VitaminWater stakeholder’s penchant for publicity stunts, though, that may have been intentional.

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