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TwoDots Will Probably Ruin Your Life

Betawork's sequel to one of the most viral mobile games of 2013 is here. And it's ready to consume you.

TwoDots Will Probably Ruin Your Life

[Images courtesy of Playdots, Inc., Betaworks]

Move over Candy Crush Saga, there's a new relationship-destroying, deceptively wallet draining, and outright addictive mobile app in town.

Meet TwoDots, the quest-driven iteration of the Betawork's widely successful Dots. The new move-based adventure puzzle game puts users through 85 levels, all the while relying on a simple imperative: Connect the dots. What makes Two Dots different from its predecessor is its adventurous streak: Gameplay levels include "arctic tundras" and "fiery jungles," a departure from the single, flat setting of the original Dots.

"The TwoDots gameplay looks much more derivative of Dots then it actually is," said Patrick Moberg in a press release, one of the creators of the first game. "As you dig deeper, you realize TwoDots simply tips their hat to our first game Dots, but quickly takes the player down a very different and fun path."

In a nutshell: it's incredibly addicting. (And will probably ruin your life.)

If you want to achieve nothing this weekend, TwoDots is available as a free download (with in-app purchases) for iOS (and Android soon). Will the game reach the same heights as its predecessor, Dots, which netted over 5 billion games played in its first year? Who knows, but, based on some reactions, it's already on its way: