Chilean Miners Star In Powerful World Cup Ad

For all the manufactured emotion in both advertising and sports, this one is the real deal. In 2010, 33 miners were trapped for 69 days in a collapsed Chilean mine. In this new World Cup commercial for Banco de Chile (turn captions on), those survivors return to Camp Esperanza in the Atacama desert arm in arm to give their national soccer a team an epic pep talk that would give Herb Brooks goose bumps.

Chile is in Group B, the 2014 tourney’s Group of Death, along with 2010 champs and runners-up Spain and the Netherlands, along with Australia. But miner Mario Sepulveda laughs in the face of so-called soccer death. They are sending earth from Camp Esperanza to Brazil to spread over the fields the Chilean team will play on.

“So we can show the world that nothing is impossible for a Chilean! Spain is hard? Netherlands is hard? We are not scared of the Group of Death. We don’t care about death! Because we have beaten death before!”

Seriously. Chile may not get out of the group stages in Brazil, but this spot is the odds-on favorite for best World Cup ad of 2014.JB