The Top 10 Stories In Leadership For May 2014

From wacky job titles to awkward social moments, these stories topped the month in Leadership.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the month of May.


Never Forget Someone’s Name Again With This Memory Trick

It might sound crazy, but imagining someone you just met fighting over a ham in a basketball uniform is less awkward than forgetting their name five seconds after they tell you. This memory tactic–helping remember names, faces, and identifying details–can be your secret.

How To Master The Fine Art Of Small Talk

Networking is essential to success but can be painful if you don’t know what to say. Don’t waste opportunities because small talk is difficult. Come prepared, ask thoughtful questions, and get comfortable with the lull to make new connections–and even friends.

11 Famous Entrepreneurs Share How They Overcame Their Biggest Failure

Scott Adams, Cindy Gallop, Arianna Huffington–they all faced what could have been the end of their careers, if they didn’t have the right amount of grit and optimism.


4 Countries That Are Leaving Silicon Valley In Their Tracks

Estonia is teaching five-year-olds how to code, South Korea is investing in 5G, and both are lapping the U.S. in broadband speeds. Watch your back, Silicon Valley.

Why Your Life Needs A Mission Statement

If you’re just going through the motions, it’s time to reassess–and asking, “Why am I here?” isn’t enough. You’d never leave business results to chance; get focused about your path with a personal statement of purpose.

My Life Without A Smartphone

Leadership editor Kathleen Davis uses a 10-year-old flip phone–by choice. Reading why she’s perfectly happy without a smartphone at her side might make you wonder why yours is so important.


What If Every Weekend Was Three Days Long? At These Companies It Is

These employees are living the dream, and are more productive for it. Feel free to hand this article in to your boss as part of your case for shorter work weeks. You’re welcome.

Why You Should Redesign Your Office For Introverts

“For people to work best, they need choice,” says author Susan Cain. Arranging your workspace to give people options on how much sociability, isolation, deep focus and stimulating surroundings can make everyone happy, after all.

3 New Job Titles Every Company Needs But No One Has Yet

“Chief Paradigm Officer” isn’t a title from a space adventure, and a “Crystal Ball Gazer” might be in your next job opening description. Having the right people in these imaginative yet practical positions could complete your team.


5 Entrepreneurs That Got Fired And Got The Best Revenge: Success

Who in their right mind would fire Sallie Krawcheck or Mark Cuban? These leaders got canned, and got back on their feet in big ways.

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