5 Free Apps For Doing Less Paperwork

If you’re sick of paperwork and the headaches that come with it, this edition of Free App Friday is for you.


FaxFile (Android and iOS)

Fax machines are going the way of the phone booth, but some companies still rely on them–and force the rest of us to figure out how to fax something in 2014. This app sends PDF, Word documents, and image files from your phone to a fax number, complete with receipt.

Mobile Doc Scanner (Android)

Capture scans with your phone’s camera and save as PDF or JPG to cloud services. Add multiple pages, and use batch mode or “spy mode” for faster scanning. It’s like having a copy machine in your pocket–just don’t try to sit on it.

Genius Scan (Android and iOS)

You might wonder about the difference between a scanner app and your phone’s camera–Genius Scan explains its document border detection, lighting compensation, and other post-processing features that make a clean, clear scan.

Printer Share (Android and iOS)

This app detects Wi-Fi enables printers automatically, and lets you print directly from your phone. Finally, setting up a printer is a little bit easier.

Fill and Sign PDF Forms (Android)

Just what the name says: fill out PDFs and sign them from your phone. Reviewers like it for going paper-free.