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Following Discovery Of Heartbleed Bug, OpenSSL Will Undergo Security Audit

Funding from the Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative arm will also add two full-time engineers to the open-source security project.

[Image: Flickr user David Goehring]

The Linux Foundation announced Thursday that it will distribute funding from new backers to perform a security audit on OpenSSL's code base and add two full-time core engineers to the open-source security project. Last month, security researchers discovered a catastrophic two-year-old bug called Heartbleed in the encryption protocol that affected two-thirds of the Internet's websites.

The Core Infrastructure Initiative, an arm of the Linux Foundation focused on funding open-source projects, received new funding from Adobe, Bloomberg, HP, Huawei, and Salesforce. They will join CII's board as founding members with a commitment of at least $100,000 for three years. This new funding will allow the Open Crypto Audit Project to conduct OpenSSL's security audit. Other projects to receive funding include Network Time Protocol and OpenSSH.