• 05.29.14

Why You Can’t Seem To Get Any Work Done In The Summer (Infographic)

Staying productive is hard enough when you have a million distractions competing for your attention. But what happens when you throw warmer weather into the mix? Productivity meltdown.

Why You Can’t Seem To Get Any Work Done In The Summer (Infographic)
[Image: Flickr user Sean McGrath]

As you walk into your office, you feel the warm sun on your back, you hear the school kids splashing and gallivanting around during their summer vacation, and you think, “Why, God, why? Why do I have to go to work today?”

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Yeah, we’ve all been there before, and now that we’re in the early days of summer, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Being stuck in a cubicle farm during the summer months isn’t only depressing, but it actually hurts your productivity, according to information compiled by telecommunications company Grasshopper.

In fact, workplace productivity between the months of June and August drop by a whopping 20%, according to a study by the Captivate Network. During these months, attendance decreases by 19%, and workers are 45% more distracted.

Additionally, according to research from the Helsinki University of Technology and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the optimal temperature for productivity is between 70 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and the further away you get from that range, the more your productivity drops, a problem many offices run into when adjusting the thermostat.

But enough of the bad news. There is a simple solution: take a vacation!

And if escaping from the summer doldrums isn’t enough, there are a number of other benefits to taking time off, like building resilience, preventing heart disease, and boosting your overall health.


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