• 05.29.14

How “The Love Boat” Helped Launch Video-Sharing App Bloopit

Michael Gitter wants his tech company to become the Internet’s highlight reel.

How “The Love Boat” Helped Launch Video-Sharing App Bloopit
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Like probably no other tech company, Bloopit, Inc. began with a ’70s sitcom theme song. “I am very nostalgic,” says president Michael Gitter, who can’t bring himself to choose a favorite song among the opening numbers from The Love Boat, The Brady Bunch, The Jeffersons and Love, American Style. “I created a website and series of books called “Do You Remember?” and everyone in the office was always humming along to theme songs from classic TV shows, movies, and commercials. I thought, ‘What if we had a way to capture those memorable lines, theme songs, and funny moments?’ That’s how Bloopit was born.”

Michael Gitter

While Vine and Instagram make it easy to record and share your own videos, the Bloopit app is about sharing the best of the web. Say goodbye to telling folks to “Start at 3:43!” when you shoot them a link; with just a few clicks, you can share the best 22-second clip of any public video on YouTube. With 100 hours of footage uploaded to YouTube every single minute, the possibilities are endless. “While video sharing is hugely popular, nobody is taking the curated content from YouTube,” says the New York City-native who counts stints in publishing and advertising as his training for making Bloopit successful. “With Bloopit, everyone can be an editor and chop videos into bite-size pieces for easy consumption. We hope that by presenting snippets of the best of YouTube, we can become the Internet’s highlight reel.”

With tens of thousands of downloads in the first few months since the app launched at the beginning of the year, it is well on its way. Next up is the launch of the Android version of the app, and an update that lets users save their favorite searches. “So if they like cat videos, NFL highlights, or TED Talks, for instance, they will be able to access those with one touch,” Gitter says. In fact, the app’s reach is only confined by what users can dream up. Gitter sees great things in the future: “The best is yet to come.”

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