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Axe’s Algorithm Can Tell You If You’re Trying Too Hard On Social Media

There’s a fine line between laziness and over-sharing–find out how many pics of your abs could be the difference.

Axe’s Algorithm Can Tell You If You’re Trying Too Hard On Social Media

Not all selfies are created equal. There’s a difference, say, in the one of someone donating blood for those in need, and that dude in his bathroom posing for ab shots. Selfie type, along with hashtag use, have become significant factors in how humans now evaluate one other.

Example, Twitter Profile Analysis

But where do you stand on the social media scale of smooth to insufferable? To promote its new Matte Effect line of hair products, Axe and agency Barton F. Graf 9000 are here to help with a new site that will tell you just that. Log in with one of your social accounts and it will pull information and assign you a score of either “effortless,” “trying too hard,” or “not trying hard enough.” According to Barton F. Graf executive creative director Ian Reichenthal, the Social Effort Scale, created with production company Unit9, employs a number of factors to determine overall effort, “including the number and kinds of hashtags and emojis you use, and the frequency/kind of your posts. It’s science!” You can then compare your score with friends and find out which cities are trying the hardest on social media in real time.

Like grandma always said, it’s not what you do but how you do it. Even if you’re going to be an astronaut, have some dignity and try to play it cool, man.

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