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Finally, A Venmo For Bitcoin?

QuickCoin is a Facebook-based wallet app that aims to make sending and receiving Bitcoin a breeze.

Finally, A Venmo For Bitcoin?

[Image: Flickr user BTC Keychain]

Bitcoin can still be confusing and impenetrable for the average person, even as a growing cadre of online businesses—like—are slowly beginning to adopt it. (If Bitcoin mystifies you, this explainer might be helpful.) Starting today, the curious-but tech-averse among you might finally be able to get in on the Bitcoin action thanks to a seemingly easy-to-use new digital wallet.

It is called QuickCoin, and it aims to make sending and receiving Bitcoin as simple as booting up Venmo or Paypal. All you have to do is add your Facebook friends to transfer the not-technically-a-currency currency instantaneously.

Since the service is browser-based, you can send and receive money from any device. (No native apps for either iOS or Android are said to be in the works.) As of this writing, Bitcoin is hovering at about the $560 mark, so if you're interested, you can try and request payment from your techie friends using QuickCoin here.