The Recommender: Valerie Lapinski, Butter Lamb Artist

The best things on the Internet this week, curated by Fast Company employees.

The Recommender: Valerie Lapinski, Butter Lamb Artist
[Image: Flickr user Quinn Dombrowski]

Name: Valerie Lapinski
Role at Fast Company: Video producer
Twitter: @Lapinski
Titillating Fact: I grew up in a Polish Catholic family, and every year I make a butter lamb for Easter. My friends are fascinated (and often confused) by it, so I made an instructional video for those not schooled in this peculiar food tradition.


Things she’s loving:

1. Global Breakfast Radio
I used to host a morning radio show at a community radio station in Southeast Alaska ,
and I loved the romance of setting the aural tone for the day. This amazing site, Global Breakfast Radio, plays real-time radio broadcasts as the sunrise crawls across the time zones. It is just delightful to know (and hear!) that at 2 p.m. my time, the sun is rising in New Caledonia and people are waking up to a reggae show.

2. Tragic Tofu’s Vines
My friend (and independent bookseller) Lacy sent me one of Tragic Tofu’s vines the other day, and suddenly I went from being a Vine skeptic to a complete enthusiast. Tragic Tofu (a moniker so fabulous I don’t even want to know the real name of the person who created it) marries film clips and ephemera with inspired music loops. Every single one is a perfect, mesmerizing little universe, and now every day I get excited to open the app and see what’s new.

3. Two incredibly useful NYC summer sites
I’m cheating by putting two things here, but some very smart people put together two sites that I’m going to be using all summer. The first is Thrillist’s compiled calendar of every outdoor movie screening in New York so I don’t have to bookmark a bunch of different sites. And the New York Times with the help of the charming Rosie Schaap created a lovely, simple summer drink generator to serve as cocktail inspiration. I’m thinking pink gin, all the way.