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Get Your Beer Goggles Here! Baseball Team Hosts Tinder-Themed Game Along With $1 Brews

The Saint Paul Saints helped their fans get on base with "Tinder Loving Care Night," featuring a live on-field version of the dating app plus prizes for in-stadium hookups.

The Saint Paul Saints baseball team gave a new meaning to getting on base on May 22, when they hosted "Tinder Loving Care Night"—a theme night that attempted to set the record for the most Tinder dates found in one location (no word yet on whether there was actually a previous record). The popular dating app helps people find matches with other users in the area, primarily through photos.

During their first game in a four-game series against the Sioux Falls Canaries, the Saints staged a "live version" of Tinder on the field, wherein, according to the Twitter account of a team employee, they "found 7 or 8 guys who stood in a line. The chick would 'swipe' them left or right based on if she wanted them or not."

In addition, anyone who matched on the Tinder app itself in the stadium got two tickets to a future game and a TGI Friday's gift card (because nothing says romance like Jack Daniel's-basted meatstuffs). The team also made a Tinder account for its pig mascot Mudonna, described on her Facebook page as "the diva of the diamond, the divine swine." Her Tinder profile lists her as 22 years old.

According to the Saints employee's Twitter, "we did have a few couples that matched on Tinder in the stadium. Love was in the air....or it could have been the $1 beer."

St. Paul SaintsImage: Flickr user Sam Catanzaro

The Saints beat the Canaries 10-8. Both teams are part of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball, which is not associated with Major League Baseball.

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