How To Make An Instagram Mood Board, Courtesy Of Nail-Art Phenom Fleury Rose

Lazily scrolling through your feed is just the beginning to mining creative inspiration from Instagram. Fleury Rose delves into her process.

How To Make An Instagram Mood Board, Courtesy Of Nail-Art Phenom Fleury Rose
[Image: Flickr user Lelê Breveglieri]

Fleury Rose is an Instagram poweruser. The nail artist, and one of Fast Company‘s Most Creative People in Business, can spend an hour or two getting lost in her phone. “What I usually call it is an Instagram worm hole,” she told Fast Company.


Rose scrolls through the 706 people she follows, like a regular Instagrammer. But that’s just a starting point. She also searches hashtags, anything that she might use for inspiration. Like cornflowers, for example. From there, she’ll click links to different profiles she finds interesting. In addition, she and her friends, whom she describes as a “really creative group of women,” will tag each other in photos that they think the other might find interesting. That brings even more inspiration into Rose’s orbit.

Her real trick, though, is screenshotting everything as she goes along, so she doesn’t forget any of the imagery. Rose has a Galaxy S III, which automatically sorts screenshots into a separate folder, making it easy for her to sort through them later. iPhone users will find screen grabs in the photo stream, along with the rest of the photo library. She has ended up with a huge database of things she likes. “I think it’s really important to always keep documenting these things that jump out at you and give you that gut reaction,” she added.

If you’re looking for a starting point, here are some of Rose’s favorite Instagram accounts right now:

For Japanese Fashions: TokyoFashion

This account documents Japan’s famous “Harajuku” styles straight from the streets of Tokyo. “I’m not going on there to find an outfit that I like,” explained Rose. She might find a pattern or color combination that she likes and use it for inspiration later.

For Global Jewelry Trends: Bijules

Jules Kim, also known as Bijules, catalogues her global travels and her “frisky” jewelry collection on her Instagram. The likes of Rianna and MIA wear her creations, which are known for playing with our traditional notions of jewelry. (She once created earrings out of hair extensions, for example.) “Just following other people that do cool creative stuff is inspiring to make you want to step up your game and do the same kind of stuff,” said Rose.

For Vintage: Funkyoffish Collective

Head on over to FunkyOffish for a dose of vintage inspirations. Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, and the color pink are some of the collective’s favorite icons. “It’s a lot of vintage-y kind of fashion stuff, textiles. It’s all random,” explained Rose.


In addition to her Instagram screenshots, Rose will take pictures of anything that catches her eye on the street. “You have to live this creative lifestyle, it’s not just a 9-5 thing,” she says. “When you’re a freelance artist, you’re working 24-7.”

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