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Stripe Now Lets Users Send Money To Debit Cards

With debit cards more readily accessible than bank account numbers, the company hopes this new feature will result in fewer errors.

Stripe Now Lets Users Send Money To Debit Cards

[Image: Flickr user auntieNkansas]

In Stripe's quest to expand globally, it's been working to support every currency (fiat and digital) and payment type. On Thursday, the payments company announced users will be able to transfer money to recipients' bank accounts via their debit cards.

"Having to dig up a bank account number is inconvenient and mistakes are common," said intern Stephen Wan in a blog post. "Almost everyone has a debit card in their pocket, though. Building your payout flow around debit cards enables a simpler and less error-prone experience for your users."

Currently, Stripe supports the transfer of funds to Visa and MasterCard debit cards in the U.S. As with typical bank account transfers, sending funds via debit cards will cost 25 cents apiece, and the money will arrive in one to two days.