• 05.22.14

Bingeing? Skippable Tumblr Tells You Which Episodes Of Those Shows You Can Skip

Binge-watching an older series can sometimes feel like a slog, but this Tumblr helps you avoid the slowest parts.

Great shows often have dull episodes, and that’s true even of some of the most beloved series of the past 10 to 15 years–and as television is geared increasingly to serialized binge-watching, the satisfaction that comes with getting to enjoy multiple seasons of a longstanding series is tempered with the fact that there are probably at least a few episodes of any given show that do little to advance the long-term plot.


That’s something the new Tumblr Skippable aims to help viewers resolve, by listing all of the episodes of shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dr. Who, Twin Peaks, Castle, and more that fit into more of a procedural/monster-of-the-week template and tell less of an ongoing story. The barrier to entry on shows that ran upwards of five seasons can feel high, and this makes things a bit more manageable.

Twin Peaks episodes you can skip: Episode 18 “Dispute Between Brothers” to Episode 29 “Miss Twin Peaks”

Right now, the blog keeps its focus primarily on nerd-loved shows like the Joss Whedon oeuvre and Dr. Who, but as it only launched a few days ago, there’s reason to suspect that viewers will soon be keyed in to, say, exactly which episodes of Friday Night Lights they can avoid to remain blissfully unaware that Landry ever killed a guy, or how to ensure that they’ll never know who Paulo and Nikki are or what Jack’s tattoos mean on Lost. It’s a resource that will probably only grow more valuable as time goes on.

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